Friday, July 30, 2010

9 months preggers

wow, 9 months is a long time. almost a year really. so many minutes spent picturing the possibilities of this babe, so many prayers sent pleading for a healthy pregnancy and baby in due time, and so much anticipation for the day of baby's arrival. though the pic does not really do my massive belly justice, brad was not in the mood to photograph, i am huge. at least i feel huge. while at the beach last night i could not stop thinking that the public was laughing at my very impressive impression of a beached whale.
37 weeks is considered full term. i am so there. until i remember the labor part of it, then i can wait another day. until i remember the newborn part and then i am ready to self-induce once more. remember the hormones are really pumping now so it is completely understandable to have this extreme back and forth of feelings ;)
for real, i miss brad and me not pregnant. things are just different when a girl really has a severe lack of control over emotions and is uncomfortable much of the time. brad is super supportive and encouraging, and he is grateful we are nearing the end. i feel less like a teammate to my hubby and more like a slow moving drain.
with all those whinings being written, i must also say that i am completely aware of what a blessing it is to be at this point in my pregnancy with a healthy baby. i so adore feeling babe move. i love that my attention to maxer and bear is only halved and not reduced into thirds yet. shamefully, i admit i love the attention i get while at work or play with this huge belly. having strangers get all caught up in the excitement of a baby reminds me of the gift pregnancy and babies really are.
camping this week will be a beautiful distraction from my intense desire to meet baby #3. the relaxing environment will absorb my lack of motivation and energy, the people will provide plenty of entertainment and support, and my boys will be sure to keep me busy enough for the days to keep right on tickin by.

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  1. Lindsey, your passion and spirit for God, your babes and your husband is such an inspiration for me. Keep it up and stay strong through these last few weeks before this babe is born. You are truly a beautiful woman.