Monday, July 19, 2010

camping adventures number 3

another week has gone by living the life of luxury in our camper over at hungry horse. wow do those weeks fly so quickly! the boys and i had an amazing time together playing at parks, digging holes, going for walks/bike rides, going swimming, and bonding in the air conditioned bliss of the camper.

most notable in this last trip may have been the crazy number of mosquitoes. seriously, they were everywhere and in ridiculous numbers. after night one, bear had at least 20 bites on his forehead/hairline. oh the poor baby. somehow i lack the knack for applying sunblock and bugspray without getting it in my boys' eyes because they frequently needed breaks in the camper to allow for healing in the stinging eye department. so sorry boys. they were fighters though when it came time to lube up! though it seems impossible to believe, i think we may have gotten sort of used to the bugs by the end of the trip, or maybe the mosquitoes focused on the fresh blood of new campers. thank you hungry horse for the fogging that happened only twice, but did provide some relief. i literally stood up in the fog and tried to bathe my whole body in the repellent.

hungry horse features a delightful collection of two pools, wading and regular. after max's excellent experience with swim lessons, he was a master at jumping in and getting his face wet. brad and i spent many an evening catching boy after boy and assisting them to the side. bear will not wait for the ready go, he merely stands on the edge screaming "jump" and "mom where are you" and then plunges in. a couple times i just really could not get there fast enough, and desiring to put a little fear into the wild man, i let him go under...far. this scare tactic resulted only in more jumps and no fear.

the campground is apparently utilizing a new chemical system for their pools. a side effect of this alteration is a salty taste of water. let me just be frank, the pool tasted like sweat. and with all the bathers, who were really hot in the 90 degree weather, i had a real difficult time convincing my gag reflex that the taste was in fact chemical and not sweat from gross strangers. eew.

one more fun fact, then i must get groceries as the boys are currently eating blow pop suckers for breakfast... maxer met a new friend. friends are what make camping especially enjoyable, the community of peeps you adore doing life together all day every day. love it. so maxer typically stays and plays only with the peeps he knows. however, little nathan became a fast friend with his john deere dump truck and all. at first they did not so much play together as take turns playing with the dump truck. but before the day was out, nathan could be found huddled by us at our camper playing in the mud. hooray to max for making friends with a boy.

now the need to depart from the internet is great: maxer is pooping, bear lost his sucker, and both are pleading to go camping again in a few minutes. welcome home!!

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