Tuesday, July 20, 2010

kels is home

i am so very proud of my littlest sis kelstastic right now. she made it home yesterday from a super intense spiritual and physically exhausting journey through the mountains in wyoming. though i prayed faithfully for her safe return, seeing her and hugging her were so rewarding. last night we reunited at logan's and she regaled us with stories of heartache, and beauty in the wilderness, and new friends, and spiritual growth. i am so blessed by this sis.

my boys were less content about hearing all about kels' journey. they typically command the center of attention, and being in public does nothing to slow their roll. brad has golf league on monday nights which now includes a few holes before and after league, so he was out. so i loaded up my cute kids and several toys. the entire drive max persistently asked if i would be leaving him at logans. like abandoning him at the restaurant and jetting. after countless reassurances, and loading the veen with pillows, blankies, and puppies to comfort him, i think he started to believe me. nonetheless, once we arrived, both boys were glued to my side. i love my boys and love holding them and being with them, however, i could scarcely move with a child clinging to my either side and one growing in my belly.

our waitress was a sweet friend from school and amidst her comments on how darling my boys and belly were, and her attempts at assisting the crabby and seemingly frightened children, whining and clinging were at an all time high. both boys are intimidated by strangers, and most every person who is not me, so everyone's assistance was causing more drama. enter the drunken dudes at the table nearest us. after asking the boys' names and calling max matt, they hailed the local animal balloon maker to come to the table and entertain the stricken boys. the addition of another stranger, this one yielding balloons and other tools again caused more drama. however, once he began to form maxer's piggy, both boys calmed down and watched attentively. wes was throwing a fit on my diaper bag on the floor, and max was witnessing the event from my lap. meanwhile our waitress jillian stood by either unable to turn away or waiting to take our order, i am really still unsure.

in addition to making balloon animals this talented fellow also performed card tricks. really elaborate count four cards then flip one over, split the deck and turn face up, space out all the aces card tricks. my dad was engaged in these tricks, until he finally thanked the magician several times and told him repeatedly last trick. since i knew what i wanted from the second kels suggested logans, we were able to order real promptly and contain the boys who would not keep their shoes on for several minutes until said food arrived. then we inhaled the delish food, looked at kels' pics, and took turns taking the boys for walks around the restaurant.

i am quite sure it was enough to make kels run for the solitude of wyoming once again.

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