Monday, August 9, 2010

we went, we camped, we are happily at home

our last camping trip of the season ended yesterday. how we will miss camp life-where we go outside as soon as we are awake, and camp food-the longest dinner preparations took like 20 minutes and the days are full of grazing on snacks, and camp friends- seriously some of the greatest people i know all gathered together as neighbors. we remain comforted in knowing our summer adventures will continue with the arrival of a baby (someday...), and plenty of good times outside still to come.

this trip was at dutch treat, just in case babe wanted to come early- we were even closer to zeeland hospital than at home. baby decided h to the no, so the proximity to captain sunday was more useful. those dutch treat peeps are not such big fans of the meiste camping group. we were literally yelled at or strongly spoken to every day for breaking rules such as riding bikes on paved roads, digging in the dirt near our camper, and riding bikes in the dirt. thankfully, val and steph graciously dealt with the lady more often than i did, i mostly shouted things back to her when she would whir by on her bike shouting instructions. not my finest moment, but the hormones are raging and she yelled at my kid.

other than that minor downfall, we had a super fun time complete with gorgeous weather and happy healthy children. one memory to be forever cherished is the creative usage of jason kline's remote control truck. i believe there is a more fitting name for his automotive wonder, but it is a big truck that jason can control remotely, so there ya go. after impressing my boys with the maneuvers and noise, jason got the idea to utilize the power of the truck to drive the wagon.

bear started things off, riding bravely in the wagon steered by a large truck. then jason tested the strength by putting older children in the wagon. finally, he himself rode in the wagon pulled by his big truck. it was a sight to behold.

now that we are home, i am again so grateful for the time spent with amazing friends and so behind on laundry :)

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