Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Partners in Crime

Sometimes i feel that the boys plot against me. but that is only because they do.

seriously, these little cherubs of mine are naughty when they are together.

(please do not tell them this, but i think their naughty is fun and funny most of the time.)

on tuesday morning, my darling baby sis called. while chatting with her, i switched the laundry and then noticed the eerie silence. my heart started pounding as i ran through the house calling for my adorable children.

it does not take long for me to find them hiding in my room. wes' head is covered in massage oil, max has an evil laugh and is jumping on the bed. once i figure that max was attempting to anoint little bear in oil i demand to know where the remaining bottle of oil is. max is shrieking with the intensity and excitement of it all, i am shrieking with frustration and wes is shrieking because of the oil dripping down his head.
later this same day, i attempted to quick sneak in a shower. big mistake. i heard a lot of clunking and thumping so i wrapped things up quick and peeked out the bathroom door. maxwell and weston threw all the books down the steps. books and boys were everywhere.
these kids are a riot and a lot of work. i truly would not trade a day of my life. so fun!

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  1. I cannot get over how much Bear looks like Brad!! and how much Max looks like you!