Friday, December 4, 2009

Strength in the Lord

my life has plenty of drama. too much sometimes. it can be exhausting. when my spirit is worn and weary my initial response is to withdraw within myself where it is safe. sorta safe, well, safer than the possibilities of harm from people i love.

thursday was a full day. full of bible study, counseling, and small group. all of which are awesome, and challenging. while i seriously considered canceling one or more of these events, yet again, god proved faithful. he blessed my presence at bible study by surrounding me with neighbors who truly care and support. he blessed my counseling appt by reminding me of his grace and faithfulness throughout all aspects of my life. he blessed my presence at small group by giving me a real community of real believers who truly seek to do his will on earth.

on a night when i expected to be completely drained, i found myself fulfilled and deeply satisfied. when one aligns themselves with the lord, he provides strength enough to thrive. as rob bell says, it is not about survival, but thrival.

thank you jesus for the reminder of what a blessing it is to follow your call.

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