Monday, December 7, 2009

Empowered with the Word

Saturday morning was truly life changing. i had the opportunity to listen to nicole lacroix, a woman on a mission to share the power in the spoken Word of the Lord. We need not understand all that the lord is doing with our words and our lives, just act and speak in faith (mark 4:6-27). throughout the bible, there are examples of the power of the spoken word. when we speak aloud the word of the lord, god is alert and active. the words from the bible, our double edged sword, do not come back void but shall prosper (jeremiah 1:12, isaiah 55:11, psalm 103:20). please join me in speaking scripture aloud for our marriages, our children, and our very lives. i eagerly anticipate how god will change our lives as we serve him and others.

it seems so easy to get settled into this comfortable existence, but i believe that we have such incredible opportunities and abilities when we align oursleves with the lord and i believe that this is a powerful way to do just that. when i allow myself to recognize my hunger and thirst for more of jesus, i am humbled by my lack of time spent set aside to spend with him. i pray that in this season of celebration, i embrace jesus wholly and truly live what i believe.

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