Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hooray! friday night, our dear sweet beans became engaged to the love of her life, austin zoerhof. austin's proposal was yet another demonstration of his true love for meggles. he arranged an extensive and precious scanvenger hunt to all the places that have meant something in their relationship. these included their first kiss, where he asked beans out, the classroom they met in, etc. to guide beans were two beautiful friends from wheaton. their love for her was evident in their shared excitement and thoughtfulness. kelly and emily bought beans an outfit to look cute in and recorded the hunt. all along the way were friends and roses and poems. once austin popped the question, he took beans to via maria for a romantic first meal of engagement. afterwards, we all joined in the celebration by coming to austin's parents' home and watching the engagement experience, eating a cute diamond ring cake, and being warmed by beans and austin's love.

my heart is full, knowing my sissa is in love with a darling yet manly man. the entire party i kept glancing up at my own love because we know how fabulous marriage can be. brad and my love grows ever stronger as our life together continues to be full of blessings and boys and a grand family, the four of us.

beans, my prayer for you is that god uses this time of engagement to prepare your heart for marriage to the man that has captured your heard and now your hand. you are such a blessing to us all beans, and i have total confidence that you will be a blessing to your husband.

ps, i love that austin will be my bro!!

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