Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keeping Warm


the focus of all news media is this winter storm that is finally upon us. gross. this snow weather what winter is all about, but the treacherous conditions are just not my fave. already the time it takes to get out the door has quadrupled due to the bundling process. on sunday, brad unloaded an entire ton of pellets in the time it took me to get the boys all dressed for the snow. (secretly, i rejoiced in this particular instance because it meant i did not have to help :)) baby bear does the cutest thing when i get his coat on. to get those little hands through the sleeves of his jacket takes a little pushing, so i always kiss them once they break through. now he shoves them in my face as soon as his arm is securely through his cuff, anticipating some kisses. kinda makes me want to go put another layer on him.

listening to the wind howl and watching some freezing rain/slow mix fall from the sky sends chills right to my very bones. the severity of the blizzardous conditions outside provides a stark contrast the coziness on the inside of my home. the house provides us protection and the corn stove provides us warmth aplenty. i am very comfortable sipping some chai and peeking in on my sleeping boys all snuggled down in their beds. the morning was made even more snug with the company of good neighbors.

i am so grateful for the refuge that my home is, not just from the blizzard of 09, but from the storms of life.

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