Monday, December 28, 2009

All is Well

oh christmas. a celebration of joy and thanksgiving for the birth of our savior. festivities galore fill up our days and gifts fill up our houses. there is special time spent with extended family, delicious feasts, and, aside from the scrooge like shopping expeditions, there is good all around.

here is an example of the good times had with uncle alex during his visit. pay no attention to max's really dirty face. there is no time to wipe faces clean when a new mr potato head has arrived.

as a child, i remember the huge letdown that would happen after the presents were opened and the normalcy returned. now, i cherish these days of calm after the storm of the holiday. for the best parts of christmas are ours to celebrate each and every day that we choose to embrace them. jesus is our gift today as well as on dec 25th.

dont get me wrong, the expectation and adoration on my boys' faces as they opened up gifts absolutely melted my heart. and so does the contentment i see right now as they are snuggled in the nest watching a show. wes is babbling away while reading a story and max is assuring wes that dada is not in that book so he should stop saying dada dada all the time.

all is well at the meiste home and in our hearts. we have celebrated the greatest gift of all, salvation, and continue to celebrate our great god who blesses us abundantly every day of the year.

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