Sunday, September 25, 2011


after another victory for the silver team, a game in which max had a breakaway in the wrong direction, we regrouped at home over donuts and booked grandma and grandpa lampen some tickets home for christmas. our objective accomplished, brad and i decided to take the family for some free fun at the sturgeon release at the new richmond bridge. have you ever seen a sturgeon becuase it is a mix of dinosaur fish, gross, and creepy. brad discovered this exciting event while reading the flashes last week and we were hooked. (fishing pun definitely intended)

being the prepared mom that i am, i looked online to make sure we would not miss the festivities and noted the excitement was scheduled from 10-2. unfortunately, i failed to notice the fact that the fishing and sturgeon release ended at 12 and that was really the only goings on. so when we rolled in at 12:30 to masses of people walking back to their vehicles, i was a little concerned. thankfully, those sturgeon were not real eager to explore their new habitat, so some random little girl caught one for us to investigate up close and personally.

we walked off our adrenaline rush and headed over to the bridge area. brad told me the history behind this area that was a little village once upon a time but is now well, nothing really. during this lesson, a band struck up some jazz music and we started to overhear talk of the bridge turning. brad and i quickly deduced these peeps were crazy, the bridge was connected and boardwalked. yet the bridge did in fact swing out and move while that band played on. wowsa. we did not wait around for out turn to ride as the kids were getting restless and there was gossip about a free meal back by the sturgeon beach area.

not willing to pass up a free meal, we got in line and entertained the people behind us with our adorable peeking baby and whiny boys. chili was on the menu and tho it looked amazing, it tasted awful. like brad could not even eat it awful. we kept trying to get mostly spoonfulls of crackers and cheese and just a smogely of chili but even that was disgusting. the chili was boiling, literally, before they served it and apparently it was overcooked by far.

so we filled up on the cornbread and took in a sight of native americans performing some ritual over the river involving a chant, some smoke, and what appeared to be a plate of chili and goldfish but really was some ceremonial stuff. interesting. not sure how they like my boys attempting to spear the lingering sturgeon with sticks and us parentals repeatedly asking then demanding then shouting that they stop.

not the experience we were expecting, but a beautifully pleasant way to spend an autumn afternoon enjoying creation and kids.

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