Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hairy revelations

sometimes, the state of my day is directly related to the state of my hair.

take today for instance. i put my hair in a high bun as soon as i returned from work this afternoon. currently, my hair is sadly drooping to a low side pony. here are the reasons why:

"mom, there are frogs in the poop river"

apparently the pig barn is full of manure and we now have a poop river complete with an ecosystem all its own

this colder weather is forcing me to exchange the bright colors of summer to the vibrant earth tones of fall. gathering up the adorable sun dresses, cute t's, and short shorts and replacing them with jeans, cords, sweaters and long sleeves is proving quite the task. everytime i try to bring a pile to the storage room, aka hurricane lala, the boys see a beloved shirt or short that they must wear immediately. a change of clothes ensues and i must stealthily get back up the stairs. at that point i have 1.7 minutes before, one by one, the kids find me and start pulling things out of every nook and cranny they can find. the result is one large pile of big boy, little boy, and even baby girl clothes, shoes, and tights. makes me a little frantic.

brad is hauling the aforementioned manure resulting in stinky boys, two littles and one big.

my cute little non-nurser is now a stair climber and uninterested napper as well. ayla jo scales the steps quickly and only goes to sleep after repeated attempts to snuggle that little cupcake amid her blee blee's.

the fall air is bringing a myriad of cravings to my darling hubs. peach crisp still in the fridge and he is pleading for pumpkin bars. thankfully, i have lots of help. by help, i mean i have lots of kids sitting on the counter cracking eggs, dropping shells, mixing, and tasting. always a little bit of a miracle when anything comes out tasting remotely like my intentions.

harv caught a woodchuck. he hunted it right down and brad busted out his gun and that is the end of that story. except that harv continues to try to find the carcass back. so everytime one of the boys lets him out and he makes a break for freedom to locate the dead, i sprint after him screaming come so i do not have a dog who smells like gross.

good news, we get a date tonight. thank you auntie beans & uncle austin! your payment tonight will be in pumpkin bars. get. excited. i know i am :)

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