Thursday, September 15, 2011

so in love

this morning, maxer went from this adorable big haired boy

(pic taken after his first soccer game. check out that precious pride)

to this neat and trimmed up preschooler.

(pic taken this afternoon in the sandbox. he also has a look of pride about him here because he convinced me to purchase that dump truck at a garage sale on the way home from the haircut. another win for max)

how i love that eldest boy of mine!

and this youngest little cupcake.

today she would not allow me to take of her cute litte boots. though they fit incredibly snuggly. as soon as i unzipped them she held them up and kept putting the boots in my hand. i obliged the baby blue's demands and she is clunking her way through crawling and balancing.

bear basically demands my love and he defintely has it all. his love language is hitting and ramming and poking. getting him dressed for the day is a wrestling match in which i always win but bear the bruises of the battle. he is so busy launching his little bod into mine and slapping and hitting my arms and face with love. he is a magnet for bonking his head and the poop river is a magnet for him. both boys have already had one bath to wash away manure and i am gearing up for another after this night of riding in the honey wagon.

oh and my main man

love love love my prince charming. we had a romantic dinner alone last night. some quality time with that handsome devil sends my heart all pitter pat again.

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