Thursday, September 29, 2011

rub a dub dub

tuesday, another day of school ahead for my oldest, and some special time planned between bear and grandma lampen. add to that the fact that the boys assisted brad in some manure hauling the night before and we have plenty of reasons for a bath. the boys, however, were not as easily convinced. truth be told, they were not dirty, but remember those kids in school who lived on a farm and kinda smelled like it? yeah, me too. i do not want that for my kid. so to the tub we go.

tubs always provide ample entertainment for ayla jo, so i allowed the giggles to ensue and took advantage of that time to pick up breakfast. suddenly the laughter escalated and shouting joined the cacophony of noises. when i rushed over to the scene, this is what i found.

fully jammied, baby blue climbed herself right into the water with her brothers.

it actually worked out super. this way her clothes got clean and so did she.

just kidding.

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