Tuesday, September 13, 2011


my friends enrich my life.

this past week was saturated in the blessings of relationships. a weekend of camping in community with some of the greatest people i know, followed by a morning of visiting with a dear friend living in new mexico made the paste several days incredibly beautiful.

today, as i fold pile after pile of laundry, i am thanking the lord jesus for his provisions in my life. for he uses the amazing people in my life to show me glimpses of himself. and. he. is. completely. awesome.

he rejoices with our joys and grieves with our sorrows.

he comes alongside us, meeting us where we are to build something incredible with our lives.

he clothes us in his righteousness, providing us protection and comfort. (thank you dear friends for clothing my kids)

He blesses us with life, and with friends who bless our life. (jessica brought cake and sang with emma to our 3 year old birthday boy weston bear)

He guides our way for his name's sake.

he opens our eyes to the beauty and blessings around us, none of which we deserve.

thank you lord for friends. thank you friends for reflecting our lord.

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