Wednesday, September 21, 2011


praise the lord!

maxer bravely accomplished day one of preschool. literally, not one tear was shed. i was amazed as even his first soccer game was preceded with tears of confusion and fear. not so with preschool: he was ready.

over our poptart breakfast, we discussed what school would involve, circle time, the same bible story we did for devotions that day, some playtime, etc. maxwell accepted this info with a composed attitude and asked if he could watch a show. i indulged.

after the show, we played outside, shot some hoops and had a picnic lunch. then we frantically threw somewhat acceptable clothes on the younger ones and decked maxer out in a handsome ensemble i had picked for the occasion. i went for the confident, farmeresque, blue jean look and i think he achieved it perfectly.

we all washed our hands in the bathroom, preschool protocol, and waited patiently for the teachers to open the doors to learning (the classroom). we marched in together, max found some blocks and began to play. i said goodbye and announced my love for him again and he responded

bye mom

and then we left. wes cried because he wanted to stay by his bruvver. i had previously assured maxwell that i would be waiting in the veen for him. and i did, but i went home first for a bit to clean up the picnic, read some stories alone to bear, and bathe weston after his tractor ride with daddy. i whipped together some things for supper and packed up the veen with half an hour to spare before max was done.

as we sat in the veen awaiting three oclock, i thanked the lord once again for his faithfulness in bringing peace into this potentially stressful situation. when i glimpsed maxer through the door of his classroom, he smiled a sweetly brave and proud smile of accomplishment. adorable. he waited patiently until his name was called then ran right into my waiting arms. actually just one arm as i was holding ayla jo in the other.

once we were in the veen, maxwell was rewarded with a present; some john deere decals for his room. he was more excited about the tiny catalog of available toys that came along with the decals, but he was happy nonetheless. upon returning home, we discovered daddy haulin some manure. so maxer got to ride and discuss the cute girls in his class.

god is faithful and maxwell is schooled. praying for an equally smooth school day today in which i actually remember to sign him in and out. maxwell will be better equipped as well now that he has his very own big lots backpack to take along. i know, fancy.

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