Thursday, April 28, 2011

whats up with pup

you may be wondering how we are doing around here what with the addition of our dog. the answer is good. we are all entertained by little harv and he is really adjusting to life at the circus well. one great advantage of a dog is the conversations that now take place concerning our canines well being. enjoy this list of discussions regarding harv:

max while dragging a desperate puppy in the bottom of a laundry hamper: "no mom, harv likes to be in the hamper"

me: "dont put harv in the grill! we dont eat dog"

brad: "maxer, stop pulling on the dogs ear or something will fall off"

bear in response to my shrieking what happened to make harv yip: " i hit him in the head with the golf club"

me, in hysterics: " there is poop stuck on my foot!!"

brad: "check out this trick. when i tilt the dog he kicks his legs up and it looks like he is trying to fly"

me:" dont blow in his ear boys"

harv also us with his antics such as "digging" and "burying" his toys and treats in the couch. he paws at a spot, then uses his nose to push the cushion around his treasured items in an effort to hide it. obviously that doesnt really work on carpet and couches so he will give up after awhile and try a new location. interesting to see how innate that behaviour is!

bear still refers to harv as "miwwie", confusing our doggy for john and beth ann's toy fox terrier named millie. funny that he cannot remember that harv is named harv and ours, not mr john's...9 times out of ten i patiently correct him and he gets excited all over again that this dog is harv and we get to keep him.

and that is what we are going to do, keep him around.


  1. Need to have a meeting with Harv and Milly so they can become buds :)

  2. We still need to come meet the adorable Harv :) Sounds like he adds more entertainment to the Meiste household!