Wednesday, April 6, 2011


harv is not the only recent addition to our fam. that's right, we also have a brand new dishwasher to welcome to the meistes!!

max requested to "live" in the dishwasher's box. i said sure.

so our old dishwasher died weeks ago. at first i really just washed dishes like it was my job with just a few complaining moments when clean up after dinner took until the next morning. mostly though, i imagined myself laura ingalls wilder worthy and sudded, soaped and dried those cups and plates and utensils one by one by one by one. it did not take long to recognize that the amish and old school peeps are amazing and i am appreciative of any and all appliances to make my life easier. i know many fams do not use dishwashers and i am so proud of them. however, i do not want to join the club. especially with the flunami we had last week, i was overwhelmed with laundry and dishes and life in general.

thankfully, my husband loves lyndsey and not laura (ingalls wilder that is). so on monday after i got out of work and inhaled dinner, we loaded the veen and headed to northgate. brad, i love that man, seriuosly and foreverly. he was ready to deal. all for me, because he will be the first to admit his domain does not include dishes. ever. so there he was, discussing options like stainless steel tubs and the utensil blast and bargaining for his proud wife who stood back and smiled until she heard a crash from the childrens play area and then assisted the boys in picking up every block, duplo, and puzzle piece they threw across that tiny room.

let it be known, you can spend thousands of dollars on a dishwasher. as we desired to keep a house in which to use that dishwasher, we decided upon a classic and efficient and working model that fell into the hundreds of dollars instead of thousands of dollars category. also let it be known that to have that poochie installed is another $100. for serious. at the mention of that fee, i sprang forward to regale those salesmen of my bradley's handiness and mechanical mind and persistence and capabilities. surely he could do this. both brad and i were shocked to hear the installer man tell us it typically takes him an hour. there are literally three aspects to be connected. how hard could it be?

turns out really really tricky.

step one: clean out the cabinet under the sink. disgusting. boys continuously asked if daddy just caught those bugs in the vases i stored under there. i lied out of shame that i have never before cleaned that area out. eeew.

step two: let boys clean out a vase in the tub to get them out of the way.

step three: deal with drama caused by broken TUB, not vase, but tub that this activity caused. remember that bathroom redo we just completed that cost $12,000? well that new tub is broken. brad is NOT impressed.

step four: remove old dishwasher. gross again. water everywhere, and floor broken

as you can see, brad had quite an audience. the boys were to remain on their stools so we could see them, they could see us, and no more accidents would occur.

step five: run to gil roys hardware for parts leaving wife alone at table with her supper. and a beer. because really.

step six: install new dishwasher. getting insulation in place, appliance level, and brackets attached (this was my job which i failed miserably at when i asked brad where the dishwasher rim was located), took forever. those three tubes/wires that needed to be connected were the most complicated things alive and not to mention located in absurdly difficult locations, the bottom of a dishwasher.

well ladies and gents, fear not, for brad completed the task at hand without slipping a disk! hallelujah. the project ended at approx 9:25 pm. he began immediately following work at 4. there was a supper break, but the rest of the evening was dedicated to dishwashers.

here is a pic of bear talking on his cell while on the potty. both boys were in the bathroom while i had my arm snaked under the dishwasher hunting down wires and whatnot. i raced to find them as soon as i was finished and saw this:

where did he learn to hold super important conversations while on the potty? i have no idea. okay it was me. t

probably just go ahead and spend the extra money to get it professionally installed. just sayin. unless of course you have a husband like brad, willing to sacrifice an entire night, some skin on his hands, and a bathtub to ensure a working dishwasher for his appreciative and in love wife.

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