Wednesday, April 27, 2011


a few comments

what a beautiful savior. easter is the culmination of grace, a day so sacred and blessed, it is pure joy to reflect and remember the gift of the resurrection, life. this year i worked really hard at explaining this awesome day and celebration to my smart little man maxer. Jesus' sacrificial love is something that is completely beyond my own comprehension, so breaking it down to 4 yr old understanding proved quite challenging. as i happened to be reading rob bell's book love wins, i really emphasized that phrase. gods love for us won over death, the cross, sin, all powers of evil. we read the bible stories several times and cheered when the tomb was empty. maxwell always pointed to the cross standing at the front of church and whispered, jesus died on there. things were starting to click. so on sunday, while sitting in the service, arms raised and voices lifted, imagine my surprise when i asked maxer what jesus did today and he replied

eeeeh, went on an easter egg hunt

so close. yet so far. we had several more conversations and some laughs. sweet sweet maxer.

adoring our son and his cute little mind hard at work, brad and i were once again overwhelmed with how great the fathers love for us. that even more than offering himself, he offered his son. personally it would be a million times easier for me to sacrifice myself than any of my kids. wow. thank you lord, may i live a life expressing my gratefulness.

now, back to rob bell's book. all the controversy intrigued me so i read it. and am reading it again. this particular insight really moved me

"what happened on the cross is like...

a defendant going free,

a relationship being reconciled,

something lost being redeemed,

a battle being won,

a final sacrifice being offered,

so that no one ever has to offer another one again,
an enemy being loved."


each facet of this loving act is stunning. rob referenced scripture to coincide with each statement, and seeing the collective impact of good friday left me once again celebrating easter sunday.

a final thought,

easter dresses are soooo much fun. this one is from my sissa's. they bought it when ayal was born and are good at life. obviously.

new life, baby aylaroo. what a little princess!


  1. Love that little hunny in her adorable dress- I remember seeing it in the hospital! Can't wait to see you lovely ladies and the little gentlemen :)

  2. ADORABLE! I want to kiss and squeeze her!