Monday, May 9, 2011

i love being a mommy

motherhood is the most exhausting, amazing, troubling, rewarding, beautiful, never-ending, consuming, and delightful job in the whole world. in fact, it is way more than a job, it is a lifestyle. and i adore it. this is not to say that i experience many moments of despair, frustration, and confusion on a daily basis raising my three babes. no matter the amount of time i spend overwhelmed by the enormous task before me, i spend triple overwhelmed at the blessing it is to get to live as a mother to three beauties of my own.

yesterday, mothers day, i enjoyed being appreciated and celebrated by my fab fam. brad ensured the boys yelled happy moms day at every opportunity, and planned a day full of my fave parts of being a mommy:

1. mcdonalds (not really anything to do with being a mom, i just literally can never have enough)

2. marveling at the precious miracles that are my children. especially precious yesterday was baby aylaroo dressed in her cute ensemble. so. much. fun.

3. enjoying some time all together in close quarters: a road trip to the binder park zoo. with a small detour in kalamazoo to look at a truck for brad.

4. experiencing the zoo with all my faves. moms got in free at binder park zoo and brad orchestrated a family fun day together. loved. it.

5. being in the presence of my amazing husband and sweetly presh kids.

6. living the adventure of family. yesterday's adventure was marked with a journey into the wild african safari on a footpath as we thought the tram cost extra and are way to cheap to pay $2 a person when you can walk for free. after several yards we became a little frightened at the fact we were the one and only family choosing to hike and turned right back around to the welcoming tram line only to find it was in fact free. hallelujah. but really, the whole motherhood thing is one big adventure.

what a perfect day of family fun. except for the small time fram during which i was quite sure my little angel ayla was allergic to the sunscreen because she rubbed it in her eye and the entire right side of her face was swollen and splotchy. an hour later, she looked far less deformed and i could breathe easier knowing i most likely did not poison my daughter and make her blind for life due to my overindulgent use of baby sunblock.

thanks to brad for making me a mom and a super special day. thanks to jesus for orchestrating it all and giving me the miracle of motherhood.

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