Tuesday, April 5, 2011


so we got a dog

max is quite excited.

journey with me as i attempt to recreate the circumstances during which i thought getting a pup was a good idea.

last week was a total puke parade at our house. sunday night bear got the flu and maxer joined the party on wed night. eeew. happy to report all is well here now. however, i do believe that sleep deprivation played a role in the purchase of a puppy.

once upon a time, the wenkes got a dog. this got brad thinking, hunting, and discussing the benefits of canine companionship with me. initially, brad decided that an outdoor lab was a necessity for our fam. after much internet purusing, he found bear, an older, giant dog that would be a perfect fit thought brad. well, remember our bear? the kid? right, cannot have two of those in one fam, so we passed.

after several more hours dedicated to doggy finding, brad located a toy fox terrier nearby. and he fell in love. i agreed to look at it with him. while we were having dinner, brad asked if i was really prepared to leave a puppy there. i said absolutely, but noticed he was far less prepared for that sort of outcome. therefore, i accepted the likelihood of a new addition, and loaded the veen with kids and positive thinking. in reality, dogs have always been rather temporary. brad first had buddy when we were married. after max was born, bud ran away. then we got rolly, who also took off one day. rolly was supposed to be a toy fox terrier only he grew to epic proportions and we realized the amish man brad bought rolls from was either mistaken or slightly dishonest...

well, we came home with a puppy. max named him harv. the boys adore playing with that thing. such a lovely distraction! baby ayla is super entertained and kicks and screeches and grunts when she sees that bouncy dog. truthfully, i do not hate the dog. he is rather sweet and i so enjoy watching my kids and husband joyfully play with the pup. there have been relatively few accidents, and harv finds and devours many crumbs. also, the multiple walks outside to allow harv to do his business has provided me with very enjoyable personal time away from the pukey, whiney, needy, sickies. harsh but true.

i am learning and really working on being more of a dog person. witnessing the love and cute concern and caretaking my boys have for this doggy is certainly helping.


  1. He is adorable- can't wait to meet Harv in person :) Glad to hear the sickness is diminshing again. We need to schedule another gathering...

  2. oh my lynds! I cannot help but think Luke had the pukes and gave it to your household! If I would have known that he would have been puking the very next day we would not have ventured to your home! It sounds like cute little Harv is a welcome distraction! You continue to surprise me. I'm pretty sure next time I see you, you'll be petting the pigs and probably riding a cow. You are turning into a true farm girl and I LOVE IT!

  3. lol! congrats on the new addition!