Monday, April 18, 2011

just like daddy

this morning, i was busy cleaning breakfast up, or making it, or chasing the dog down for chewing on one of baby ayla's chew toys, or whatever, the point is i was busy. whilst rushing hither and yon, i caught a whiff of brad. not so much the stench of just completing 15 loads of hauling manure, but the everyday man smell. after taking a moment to smile and miss my hubs who filled another weekend with laughs and loves, i thought it odd that i was reminiscing about him so poignantly with my nose. after all, he had already been at work for 3 hours at this point.

thats when i discovered the boys liberally applying old spice deodorant all over their cute little bods. smiling, i asked maxer and bear what they were doing. smiling, they replied "this is what daddy does. its so we dont stink."

well they've got that figured out. it seems to me, the are more concerned with the doing what daddy does part than the not stinking part. and that is presh. there are lots of choices and actions my boys take for the sole purpose of being like daddy.

whenever we drive by zoet poultry they tell me they both want to work there with their daddy when they are a little bit older.

when a tractor appears on the road, they vocalize their desires to ride in that tractor, with their daddy.

both boys want to pee in daddy's bathroom. or when brad has to go, he gets lots of company...

maxer and bear repeatedly tell me they love daddy, but not to worry because they are convinced that baby ayla loves me.

both boys are protectors of daddy's things. like when i attempted an adorable easter egg crafted involving strips of paper from brad's old successful farming magazines, they both started crying saying daddy will be so mad at me, the mom, for ruining his most cherished old mags.

the boys need daddy to lay by them to go to bed at night.

my heart is full of thankfulness that the man they so desire to emulate is one that demonstrates a life lived to glorify the lord. thank you jesus for the incredible daddy my boys have after which to model themselves.

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  1. this is so sweet and adorable. Brad is one blessed daddy