Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my little princess

baby ayla jo is such a joy in my life. i adore her and delight in her and praise the lord for giving me such a beautiful daughter. at times i feel the boys' antics get more attention than her sweet little presence, so to honor my precious little girl, i wrote the following:

my little cupcake, my precious baby girl,

i delight in watching your accomplishments and personality unfurl

your smiles dazzle, and your giggles bring us joy

you save your best laughter for your brother boys

kicking and rolling around on the floor

your tiny screeches and shrieks demonstrate you are girly right to the core

whether i'm painting your toes

or cherishing my time with you kissing your nose

you brighten my life and add lots of pink

such a pleasure after all this blue i think!

your chunky chunk legs and big beautiful tummy

finally you are finding some fruits yummy

now you are sitting all on your own

miraculous, all the skills you do hone

my prayer dearest aylaroo

is that you glorify God in all you do

may we be examples of loving our lord and showing you full life in him.

for when jesus is your light your life will never be dim!

love your mommy


  1. How precious Lynds...love it!

  2. You are such an awesome mommy :) Love you and that precious Ayalroo... the little Meiste boys too. Emma sends her hugs and kisses as well!