Monday, May 24, 2010

we love camping

we have joyously returned from our very first camping adventure of the season at dutch treat campground in zeeland. we all had an amazing time. the best part about camping is the opportunity it gives me to delight in my boys with really no other agenda. having the company of some of my very best friends and their adorable children just sweetens the experience to the point that we could only bear to leave yesterday because we knew we would be back to camping in a mere two weeks.

this latest camping escapade was characterized by much tractor/bike riding, fish feeding, and park playing. there were not many other campers around this time, so our kids ruled the campground. they were biking around this loop that encircled all our campers so we moms were comfortable chatting it up and getting glimpses of the kids as they pass right on by. my boys loved this independence and i loved catching up with all the mamas. another highlight for max this year is being able to use the potty. he would shout with pride as he sauntered into the restroom to take care of business. he was usually followed by at least bear, but sometimes all the kids. the littler ones would ride their toys down the hall in the bathroom and the bigger kids would also take care of their business. nothing like group bathroom breaks.

max had quite an eye for all things creepy crawly. here he is pointing out ant hills. there were a lot of ant hills, so any walk to the park was lengthy. maxer also found several caterpillars. aubrey nyhof even made one a home in a laundry basket and carried it around for awhile. such the nurturer that aubs!

the weather ranged from chilly to hot hot hot on sunday when we left. no major injuries to report other than an epidemic of croup and a significant boo boo received from emma klein who was only visiting. the boys are full of their customary bruises and scrapes, and they continue to show them off with pride.

maxer woke up this morning asking if we are going to go camping in a little while again. a sure sign that he did not get his fill! thankfully, the weather at home is beautiful and we plan to take full advantage. cleaning the camper can wait ;

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  1. So glad your first trip went so well- looking forward to joining the festivities in a few weeks!