Friday, May 7, 2010

the grass is greener

with the occasional warmer weather we have been having, the grass has turned from winter brown to a lush green. and it is growing. all good news, except for when it gets to long and we need to mow. you may think this job seems like one i could handle, like one thing i could do around the farm. you would be mistaken.

a couple years ago, brad determined to teach me how to mow. well i was not all "hot dog" about the idea, i thought there were some perks including a tan from being outside in the sun and a super grateful husband. therefore, i tried to learn. i really did. but let me tell you, operating one of those ride on mowers with all the turning and forward/backward maneuvering was just more than i could handle. i would go over some bumps and get that thing just bouncing around and going back and forth till i would panic and forget how to steer at all. though we began this process in the most open areas of our lawn, brad soon feared for the barns, and his own life.

so, brad is the lawn mower around here :)

because our boys cannot bear to see daddy and not be with him, brad does not mow alone.

he gets assistance from the boys, well at least he gets their company.

brad possesses very optimistic goals for max and wes' mowing abilities and responsibilities in the near future. it is very likely that they will be more successful than their mother in this endeavor very soon. so i encourage these practise sessions by cheering the meiste boys on from a lawn chair with book in hand.

i love spring

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