Wednesday, May 12, 2010

call it like it is

recently, brad and i were discussing how in our world there seems to be a severe lack of miracles. example, when was the last time you had manna for breakfast? or witnessed the parting of some significant body of water? me neither. however, pastor jim addressed this issue at church saying that miracles are in fact happening constantly, and we mostly choose to label them as something else. a very provocative thought.

what if instead of crediting ourselves for our accomplishments, our luck for our surprises, and our own wisdom for our decisions we started glorifying god for all the miraculous ways he provides for us. what if instead of blaming world hunger, war, and disease on god's lack of intervention we see that it is WE who cause these sinful problems with greed and selfishness.

this perspective seems to change my entire outlook on life as i spend the day saying "great are you, my lord, and most worthy of praise" for all his greatness in even my little insignificant life.

like yesterday, maxer woke up from his nap quite flushed and lethargic. he commented several times that his legs were hurting, as was his tummy. maxwell's little voice was strained and his skin hot. he asked for...the bucket.

well i about lost it right then and there. my anxiety went thru the roof as i thought how awful a sick max would be for camping, what a disaster it would be if we all got the flu... i pretty much was 5 minutes away from calling pine rest and admitting myself for a couple days or R&R. instead, i remembered i am not alone in this battle and prayed over my baby boy. he continued to ache and whimper all night long. this morning, he joined me and brad in bed at 6:20 feeling "good". as i mentally cursed myself for leaving the window blinds open, max welcomed the day as he watched the sun rise, reporting constantly on the "frog" out in the fields.

today found my firstborn still not himself. he was real chill, content to watch movies, play golden tee golf, and play with some homemade playdoh. bear is feeling great, and insists on making up for the lack of energy max is exuding by going wild with his noises and needs. maxwell continues to heal, and i attribute each one of his gains in health to the faithfulness of my jesus. what a miracle it is to witness my baby regain strength and wellness. what a miracle that god healed my baby boy again. thank you jesus for your faithfulness.

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