Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hee ee eet

perhaps you have recently heard the above noise. if you were in zeeland this past week, i am confident maxer's adorable attempt at a whistle made it to your ears. though you may not have been able to identify the sound as a whistle, it is more of a yell, and it is precious.

maxer lately started incorporating hand motions to accompany the loud whistling effort. he holds his hands in front of his face and moves them up and down to emphasize each hee ee eet syllable.

giving credit where it is undoubtedly due, i attribute this new found talent to bradley. brad has long since possessed the habit of whistling to direct one's attention towards him. this has occurred frequently in a joking manner when brad needed my assistance in such matters as a refill, or help with the computer. he is totally joking, but i get all "i hope you did not direct that whistle at me as i am not a puppy but your gorgeous wife". somehow i think those sorts of responses makes brad utilize the whistle even more...

i digress.

so now max whistles. kind of. he exploits this knack for getting people's attention on a regular basis for the results are always similar and consist of several giggles, and all eyes on him. i have witnessed the whistle to try to find bear, to respond to a question of maxwell's location, to direct friends towards his ideas/activities.
he whistles loud.
he whistles proud.
yesterday i was showing baby bear where daddy was mowing. in the next moment, i heard a little baby hee ee eet. he is learning a lot from his big bro.

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  1. It is super cute...and now I cannot wait to hear little bear's whistle :)