Tuesday, May 4, 2010

tulip time

oh yes, the tulips are blooming in holland michigan. thus, the vendors are selling their delicous and super unhealthy wares (i saw a booth selling deep fried oreos), the tourists are wandering cluelessly, and the parking lots are beyond full. obviously, we cannot stay away! (in this usage, we does not include brad who has no problem steering clear of all tulip time festivities.)

monday night we joined grandma lampen and the meiste's for a little supper. per my request, we started the evening near the newish water fountains there on 8th street. one of the vendors right there sells hotdogs on homemade buns, oh amazing, and baby wanted one bad. therefore, we took our places in line while grandma watched the children squeal and run around the fountains. by the time i had spent my $45 on corndogs, fries, and that hotdog on a homemade bun, maxwell was dripping wet. soaking to the bone, head to toe drenched. and he was "freeze".

so i stripped the big and rather mischievous boy down to his undies and bundled him in a coat and blanket for the remainder of the evening. he was content as can be to ride in the stroller nakey except for his toy story underwear. bear found the events of the evening entertaining, but did not brave the waterworks as unabashedly as his bro. perhaps it was my yelling and gesturing from the picnic table while devouring the hotdog on homemade bun in a matter of three bites that prevented him from bathing in the fountain. regardless, i did not have more blankets for a nakey wes, so one nakey son was enough. after a quick stop at the peanut store for some slightly less overpriced goodies, we headed straight for the veen. my plans to take some precious pics of the freshly bathed and dressed boys were thwarted by the fountains and fun had by a certain 3 year old.

that is about enough tulip time for our family. maybe next year we will actually get those cute pics. until then, i am drowning my sorrows in caramel corn, being very careful not to pass on any nuts to max. they inspire an adverse reaction in him, gagging and some pukes. gross.

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  1. Oh Lynds, I love reading your posts. This one made me giggle. I can just see the look on Maxer's face as he rides around in the stroller- what a cutie-patootie :)