Thursday, May 27, 2010

power outage

after another steamy day, the boys and i decided to cool off inside while i prepared a scrumptious dinner of bacon and cheddar quiche, hash browns, banana bread and fruit parfait. Delicious. clearly, i was feeling very ambitious and domesticated. in fact, i opted out of a nap in the afternoon in order to be more productive when the boys were resting. my desire for a night of togetherness and productivity was quickly challenged as the oven beeped at its preheated temp, and then the power promptly turned off.

as discussed previously, my fight or flight instinct is solely flight. therefore, trying not to let the panic i began to feel about no air on a 80+ degree evening, i suggested going to the in laws for the night. brad's response was a chuckle, then he went outside to work on the generator that never worked during the last outage, a mere two weeks ago.

being the amazing and hardcore provider/protector that brad is, his reactions to such inconveniences as power outages are typically those of a knight going on a quest. ha ha ha, a challenge, no problem! there are some differences between the husband and me.

brad valiantly repaired the generator. i mustered together enough courage not to cry and put the quiche in the oven. it quickly became apparent that the oven requires mucho electricity. we had to prioritize and cut out down on all other usage. when the time came to fry the hash brown potatoes, brad's cool demeanour started ramping up to become a little heated like mine. he explained about 23 times that the oven and stove going at once was to much electricity. i countered with equal determination that if he wanted to eat this is how hash browns are cooked.
he offered to grill them, not in this pan babe.
one more, "you dont understand lynds"
and i loudly proclaimed "you dont understand bradley, i am pregnant, which means i have 40% more blood coursing through my body. take however hot you feel and multiply it by ten. that is how i feel. i am by the oven and i can feel my heartbeat in my feet. stop telling me i dont understand!"
to which brad calmly replied, "okay, i did not understnad that, thank you for telling me". i turned the oven off to keep the quiche warm and browned those hash browns to black in no time.
after the tasty supper, we entertained ourselves by cleaning up and standing in front of fans. i love the ingalls wilder fam as much as the next girl, but this kinda living was too much. the boys did this:
until we went outside and tried to sit in the windiest places. brad assaulted the problem head on by driving the mule or his truck down the road every few minutes to check on the status of electricity in various homes of our neighbors. i wrangled the boys inside and put as little jammies on as i could, bathed them in lukewarm water, and planted them in front of the tv and strategically positioned fans.
hallelujah, at 9:45 the power clicked on.
thank you jesus for that miracle of working electricity, it may have saved our marriage.
dear consumers energy:
this month i decided to pay you based on my level of satisfaction and not on the amount suggested by the bill. according to my calculations, you owe me $5000.

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