Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mothers day!

waking up to bear's giggles and wet kisses commenced my mothers day. what a beautiful good morning! we breakfasted on some delish cream cheese muffins and a little cotton candy (special thank you to beans and austin) and began preparations for our feast of a lunch with the lampens. maxer picked out a delightful hanging basket for grandma lampen and brad promised me a pedi before baby meiste comes :) hooray!

after some naptime we bonded as a fam over the players championship and prepared some customary sunday stromboli. such a beautiful day!

again today i recognize the gift of motherhood. i am so blessed to have two boys and another babe on the way all call me mommy. well i adored all the "happy mommy's day" wishes from my boys, i have been gifted with much more than the sweet wishes and pedicure.
i have the honor of watching these boys grow, of witnessing the miracles of development.
i have the delight of receiving snuggles and kisses and love galore from two precious little lives.
i have the grave responsibility of raising these children in the lord, of teaching them to feast on jesus and depend on him for their needs.
i have the constant reminder of god's love for us demonstrated in my own unconditional love for my children. i have the fabulous opportunity to witness maxers announcements of "i just toot" and "i gots to go pee".
i have the great pleasure of watching my sons assist each other, appreciate one another's company, and imitate the other.
i have an exceptional teammate for my babies daddy, a man who also loves and desires the best for my babies and me, a man who encourages, supports, and praises my mothering.

god, grant me the wisdom and strength to teach my boys that your ways provide satisfaction, not those of the world. equip me with your spirit lord to give my boys the blessings of a family built on christ. may i be worthy of this calling of mommy.

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