Wednesday, September 26, 2012


bear started preschool on monday. 

the adorableness in this pic slays me

school is yet another medium that illuminates the differences between my boys.  whereas maxer quietly endures his education, bear enthusiastically antcipates his school days.  weston had been very angry that maxer started school but he had not.  all those days of waiting finally were over.  bear was ready

monday morn bear woke soon after me. with his eyes swollen with sleep and his voiced crackly from disuse, bear asked if it was time for school.  i responded that is was school day in a few minutes, because explaining that he had 3 hours to go before preschool would just be overwhelming for us both.  besides, time goes in warp speed on school mornings.

when the other adorables joined us, bear chatted excitedly about sitting by emma, and not moving his head, and listening really well to his teachers.  max mentioned that kindergarten is just so long.  true story bud.  i kinda hate that part.  bear's excitement grew and grew as he reminded me he was going to school next after we dropped off max. 

we walked maxwell in and told him mommy loved him and jesus is in his heart.  bear ran over to maxer's friend basillio and tapped his chest saying "jesus is in your heart too basillio".  aw, making mommy and jesus so proud! max walked into class like a pro and we loaded the veen again for bear's drop off.

we were plenty early as kindergarten begins at 8:35 and preschool starts at 9.  we distractedly watched balto II until enough other cars arrived that i determined we would not have to hang out in the hallway so long disrupting the church office people with our waiting. 

bear washed his hands, and asked if ayla jo was going to have a bagel well he was at school.  he remembered always being hungry when maxwell was in school, so bear requested a daily bagel right before we would leave to get max.  he typically devoured his bagel on the way to preschool and found it quite enjoyable, at least memorable enough to assume baby blue would want to do the same. 

bear chose three different hooks from which to hang his coat, sweatshirt and backpack.  i knew there would be plenty of room so i let it go.  ps, his backpack is mine from highschool and college.  adorbs.  so he waited next to me until the doors of learning were opened and i told him mommy loved him and jesus was in his heart.  he ran right in without a second glance.

when i picked little bear bear up, he ran to me with a face shiny with pride and joy.  i heard more from wes on the way home from preschool than i heard from max during his entire year at lakeshore little people's.  here is what i know:

1. he made a new friend. his name is mason.  (mason is a boeskool and totally friends of the fam, not new.  still cute that they are buds on their own :))

2. the loft can only have 5 kids or the whole preschool comes crashing down.

3.  there was a god story and a god song, but wes cannot remember either.

4.  they have monster trucks.  one is wild and has teeth. 

5.  the snack was string cheese, of which bear ate all.

6.  one time emma and weston got in trouble because they were not listening.  bear thinks.

7.  he sat by clay, but emma really wanted to sit by him.

8.  emma likes to play with the babies best.

9.  miss cassie coughs into a closed fist. 

10.  weston is super excited to get back there.

so beautiful.  whenever i tell baby blue to show me her eyes, she closes them.  does not detract from the cute.


  1. I have to tell you that Mason too was very impressed with Weston! First thing I heard about was Weston! I also have to tell you, that as great as I truly feel about this, I am quite hesitant with what this will bring for my nerves as these boys grow older. I have heard the stories of Brad and Corey and well, I think you understand! LOL!

    1. wendy, love the boys budding friendship! yes, the legacy that corey and brad have blazed for our boys is beyond frightening. i can imagine that the dads will only encourage the havoc as we moms fret... we will just have to come up with a distraction so we can be blissfully unaware of the wildness...