Wednesday, September 12, 2012

bear is 4

happy birthday to my middle.  my adventurous, unapologetic, wild man.  you fill our lives with amusement, joy and beauty with your exciting and sweet personality.  your world has been rocked by your brother going to kindergarten, but you are really thriving being the biggest at home.  you are kind to ayla jo and such a helper to me.  i love getting to spend a bit more one on one with you bear.  since your birthday on sunday, you tell me a lot that four isn't very big.  i think you kinda like being a little squirt yet :) and so do i!

 bear's birthday extravaganza began with ayla jo's at the farm during the family picture event.  he received some lightenig mcqueen awesomeness which remains a favorite movie and toy for this little boy.

though you are 4 wes, daddy still can hurl you high into the air.  the shrieks and giggles are amazing.  and daddy is strong! 

auntie amber made another delish sue's cake for all of us to enjoy.  you are always hungry for cake :)

 monster trucks and zuchinni bread account for a large portion of your days bear bear.

you and i have spent many hours racing cars together as we attempt to settle into these school days of maxer.  somehow, i do not think i am as good a playmate as your bro because you ask me at least 458 times a day when we can go pick maxwell up from school.

thankfully, we have lots of books and kittens and monster trucks to distract you from missing maxer to badly.

weston ripped paper off presents like it was his job this year.  it was entertaining and a little frightening.

on your birthday morn, daddy took us off to the food center to indulge in birthday donuts, your fave breakfast ever.

here is a pic of you trying to contain your excitement, that face never disappoints in cuteness.

you look good in john deere, whether its a tractor or a chair.

 daddy found a huge combine for your present.  you loved the size but were a bit disappointed about the amount.  the rest of the day you kept telling me that your birthday was done because you dont have any more presents. 

the combine has provided hours of entertainment harvesting grass seed and sending it in the auger to a waiting wagon.  my living room may sprout grass soon despite my best efforts to vacuum.

o bear bear.  how i love you!  god made you perfectly you and i adore every bit.  i am forever enchanted by your creativity and strength and gumption.  just this morning we were playing a very involved game in which you were a wild animal and i had to catch you and lock you up.  it was exhausting and very revealing about your persona.  you are the quickest to run and give me a hug or kiss or bite.  bear, i pray for you daily.  i pray god will equip daddy and i to show you that you have what it takes wes.  i pray you will use your energetic persistence to seek the will of the lord always.  i praise the lord for the blessing you are to our lives weston.  you are an incredible gift.

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