Tuesday, September 11, 2012

aylaroo turns 2

happy birthday my sweet baby girl!

after months of proclaiming she would be "thee in august", august came and ayla jo turned 2.  that is big enough baby blue!!

cupcake, we had parties galore for you.  most were also celebrating brother bear, and all were such fun!

the festivities began with family pictures at the farm, and a birthday celebration for my dolly, my middle, and my nephew.  there was cake.  after the photographer had left of course. 

and there were presents.  aylaroo's first barbie!  thankfully cousin jared was around to assist the little girl with barbie's tricky fairy wings.  that is love!  prinpress adores her doll stroller.  when we are inside, the stroller must be inside, when we go out to play, we must take the stroller with us along with an assortment of babies currently named ayla, baby belle, charlotte, dora and baby easton.

lovey's actual birthday fell on a day we were camping at triponds.  the awesome sorroundings only added to the celebrating.  camp food is always based on taste and convenience instead of health, so ayla jo really got to indulge.  she had goldfish for breakfast and i even attempted cupcakes in the camper oven and had some success!

for the present portion of baby's big day we purchased a little tykes trike with a handle that is bright pink and beyond perfect.  we gifted cupcake with the bike upon arrival at the campground and she seriously went from just letting her feet dangle to placing them on the pedals to actually pedaling with a little power behind her leggies.  such a smartie roo roo!

we also picked out a little something from each of the fam to gift prinpress on her big day.  a cutie purse from daddy

 another angelcake stuffed kitten from bear, a my little pony from maxer and a barbie computer learning thing from mommy.  ayla jo, you have slept with your kitten ever since, taken your pony swimming, stuffed treasure upon treasure in your purse and, well, made lots of noise with that laptop.

sister, your brothers were way more excited about the presents than you.  as soon as you would have the paper off the boys would be shoving another gift in your face as fast as they could. it was a bit much.

 the leegwaters joined the camping experience on thursday and brought with them a birthday boy and cupcakes!

elliot and baby blue celebrated among the throng of siblings and cake loving parents!  happy birthday elliott!

cupcake, the fun was not over even though your birth day was done.  soon after our return to reality, we hosted a birthday bash with alex and courtney and the zoerhofs. 

prinpress loves all things tutu and glam.  she is saying cheese at me in the pic above. 

my daughter's hair is growing, now that she is two, though the progress is not super rapid.  we have three main styles nowadays: the fountain, pigtails, or a pony.  she really pulls off all the looks quite well.

o roo roo, we are so grateful to god for all that you bring into our lives.  you have added sparkle to our days and pink to our palette.  you are such an amazing little communicator, your words and phrases are precious and often hilarious.  your fave phrase right now is "ok, i wheel (will)".  your brothers are your protectors and your antagonizers.  what a blessing it is to get to have you as our daughter.  love you prinpress!!

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