Thursday, October 18, 2012


though actual oktoberfest may in fact be some sort of beer festival, that is not what i am referring to in the title of this post.  i merely chose a name that incorporated a lot of october, and things are always sorta like a circus/festival around here so it works.

now, i have been avoiding the blogging business lately.  this is due to the fact that i cannot find my camera.  it is not lost, i just do not know where it is.  i fear it may be in cadillac, where we spent a couple days with the kleins and an rzr and a commander (all terrain vehicles).  it was an amazing experience in which brad's rzr broke down minutes after arrival and lots of sunday morning was spent on a road trip within a road trip to get an essential part.  it is no wonder that i lost my camera in all the hullabaloo.  and left all my food in the fridge.  oops

the good news is when i am not blogging i dont really think about my awful lack of responsibility.  the bad news is then i do not blog.  so i am admitting once again, i suck at keeping track of stuff, but am back on the bloggy bandwagon. it all balances out right?!

so here is the latest on the home front:

1.  harvest is happening.  this means i have whiplash from glancing out the window whenever a car, combine, or truck goes by in hopes it is brad coming in from the semi or combine or whatev.  because i miss him, and so do the adorables.  it actually rained lots on sunday, so it has not been a constant hardship because brad has been home lots.  that man just is such a vital part of this fam one night without him can be a struggle.  especially when you are me.

2.   max is a bucket filler.  that is right, sandy view is promoting a system of recognizing those who encourage, or fill up one another's buckets with good stuff.  and max was applauded for his kindness.  he stayed in from recess to help zip up his friends jackets.  omg awesome.  we are so proud, and so was he.  he got a note home, a dog pencil (for dad, and the dogs were like dressed for a wedding, so it was weird but did not matter), and lots of praise from his blessed mommy and daddy.

this morning was an extra special drop off as daddy came with us to make the delivery to sandy view. 

3. bear bear is such a passionate and strong willed child.  if he is being caring he is the sweetest boy ever.  if he is being bratty, watch out.  last week there was a new level of whining reached.  and it broke my heart because i get that the whining means he is needing attention.  it was a wild week with work and salsa and stuff.  and i was feeling like nothing was getting done well.  hate that feeling.  anyway, things are looking up this week. 

brad rewarded weston's very good choices with the current desire of his heart, another kitten.  brad is the greatest dad ever.  and i am a pretty amazing mom because i am the one that loaded up the veen with the youngest adorables and drove to the mobile home park that posted a free kitten ad on craigslist.  maybe we are just drawn to the strangest of the strange cat people, but what i found when i parked veen was disturbing.

the matriarch of the family whom i will refer to as big mama for obvious reasons, was very kind in talk and deed.  she was also an incredibley talented smoker as she had a cig hanging from her lips while holding all five kittens, directing her husband to locate a box in which to keep the two we came home with, and providing me with a monologue detailing the correct care of the kittens.

the kittens themselves were tiny, and disgusting.  bear would not even touch one.  all their eyes were matted shut and they were covered head to toe with brown smears which big mama assured me was food but my nose told another story.  a story about poop.  at this point i had to come home with one because the adorables were determined.  so ayla jo and wes each picked one out and big mama plopped them in the box in which they were first located that was soggy with pee and smelly with poop.   i gagged out loud while thanking big mama for her gracious generosity.

the ride home with the kittens was hilarious and panicky at the same time.  baby blue clutched her kitten until the meowing reached epic proportions.  bear was very concerned.  he wanted to bring them back because they were to meowy.  somehow i managed to rescue cupcakes cat from her deathgrip and throw it into the box.  both kittens clawed their way out onto bear bear's booster.  he was beside himself with panic.  he was terrified and grossed out and i had to pull over on the road and close the box to prevent further escapes. 

by the time we reached the farm, bear was horrified and never wanted to see the kittens again.  i dumped some kitty food into the box and left the whole thing in the big barn.  when we went looking for the newcomers after picking up max from school we found only an empty box.

we are moving forward.

4.  aylaroo and i went out for coffee with a dear friend yesterday.  it was amazing.  we sat and visited for over an hour.  the whole time my daughter was an angel.  she sat sweetly still nestled next to me in my seat.  i adored catching up and snuggling in with my girl.  the prinpress was very social as well, waving to the public as they entered or exited bigby.

when we got to weston's preschool to pick him up, you would have thought it was ayla jo who indulged in the caffeine.  she was twirling and hopping and waving at anyone who would watch her.  i think it was the tutu...

so here we are.  a rainy thursday afternoon, just about ready to prepare to get our oldest from kindergarten.  brad will be home tonight due to the rain.  it is a good place to be.

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  1. Oh the stories! So glad you posted about big mama and the kitty/veen adventure! Making me LOL!!! Love you sweet friend!!!!