Wednesday, September 5, 2012

triponds 2012

sunday we returned from our second and final camping extravaganza this summer.  we adventured at triponds for an entire week, soaking up sun, splashing in ponds and pools alike, celebrating summer, and rejoicing over our newest2 year old. 

bear and emma continued their courtship.  sometimes emma would regale bear with her own renditions of stories, including noah's ark, and sometimes bear would provide commentary for the pics.  either way, they were adorable.  bear is so excited for preschool, and more emma time :)

one or our fave things about camping at tri ponds is the petting zoo.  my adorables spend hours and hours feeding the goats whatever greenery we can find.  i even gave them corn husks to try to feed to the goats.  i believe the husks are still there in the pen, untouched by the beloved goats.  our campsite was situated where we could see the mini zookeepers the entire time they were harassing the goats. 

at one point i looked up from my book to see that maxwell was inside the petting zoo rather than alongside it.  he literally had jumped the fence.  it was dramatic. 

bear is illustrating the cool temps we arrived to, the week brought more warmth and sun and heat.  but that sweatshirt weather was amazing!

 ayla jo really got to enjoy some of her new toys while camping.  jessica found a beautiful little pink radio flyer trike on craigslist that we got for baby blue's birthday.  she is really learning to pedal like a pro while i push her and steer the course.  we even took her trike all the way to mcdonalds with grandma and grandpa lampen yesterday.  whew.  cupcake's other fave toy is her doll stroller.  the boys would ride loops around the little circle our camper was stationed and aylaroo was right behind them strolling her baby.  so darling!

totes blurry, but totes beautiful nonetheless.  one of the swimming ponds features a little hammock swing.  let me tell you, that troublesome trio is a load to push back and forth!

triponds offers a plethora of water and rocks, the perfect combo for any of my happy campers to be entertained!

all slept well this trip.  bear still finds his way to our bed in the night...

angry birds was a fave pastime while waiting for other fam members to get ready for the day.

a staple in our camp snacking.

peek a boo!  found these adorables at the park during one of our many many treks from the camper to the jumping pillow.

swim lesson skills made the beach extra fun.  triponds features some raft type things floating out in the pond off which people can jump.  max swam out there often but the jumping part was a little frightening.

bear jumped off no problem.  tan little boy, that one.

ayla jo sported goggles often, near water or far from it.

our camp adventure was awesome.  so blessed to have beautiful friends to bond with over the campfire, active and capable exploring children, and the opportunity to live within the confines of a camper for a week enjoying it all.  a perfect farewell to summer as school is now in session!

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