Tuesday, July 31, 2012

swim lessons

yesterday the boys finished their summer swim lessons.  they both impressed me and the teachers with their massive improvement from last year.  maxer now jumps freely into the deep end then swims to the shallow or the ladder without any assistance or fear. he even can do the whip kick and backstroke sans help.

 bear bear can swim the entire length of the pool without any help.

swim lessons really reveal the differences in my sons.  maxer just makes my heart burst with pride as he strives to do his very best with every task placed before him.  miss kim would stop him and explain what direction to turn his head to breathe and then ask if he understood and he would always respond "allright".

bear on the other hand, started crying about 10 minutes into the lesson screaming that he was cold and done.  well, lucky miss morgan sweetly would convince him to swim.  or to sink.  bear always pulled through much crying and thrashing and whining to actually do the lap as he was asked, but watching the process made me so happy i am not a swim teacher.

after day one of swim lessons, i asked bear if he could remember his teacher's name.  instead of saying morgan, he seriously told me it was lassie. 

even ayla jo went swimming!  by herself!  by accident!  she fell in whilst i was trying to capture one of maxer's dives, his fave part of lessons. baby blue was right by me and i immediately ditched the camera and dove in with my clothes on to rescue cupcake.  when i held her in my arms all she said about the scary episode was "go unda".

cutest thing happens when you get to chill by the pool every day for swimming lessons, the boys get this crease tan line on their nose from wrinkling it up.  sersiously adorable, just a glimpse makes my heart all convulsive with delight.

see the crinkle while maxer is splashing with hunter?  thats what causes the darling tanlines.  presh!

bear claimed to be so frigidly cold during lessons that he would insist on sitting outside the pool wrapped in a towel until his turn again at which time he would howl until finally relenting and quickly doing what morgan asked of him.  aylaroo and i were there to keep him company.  us girls were very encouraging for our superstar swimming boys.

i truly enjoyed the lessons because while my boys were swimming, my daughter and i got to chat with the other mamas and babes.  unless of course aylaroo was throwing herself in the pool :)

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