Saturday, July 21, 2012

jubilant july

our july is full of fun filled festivities.  independence day, my bday, and my dads bday all fall within 1 week.  that is some intense celebrating.  my dads wife naomi surprised him by setting up a little cake party with the kids.  we all arrived at different times and pretended we were just dropping in.  my dad was absolutely enthralled by the party. 

so were my adorables, for a different reason.  joel and nomes live in this little condo community on a lake.  they created a little beachfront on their property and it is full of creatures and and craziness.

 i took this pic to give insight into my participation in the craw daddy situation.  that is my shadow, a safe and sure distance away, reclining in an adirondack chair sipping wine.  ayla jo was not at all concerned with the dangerous bucket of creepy crawlers.  her mama is.  not a fact that i find particularly awful, but not one that i am proud of either.

when phil was over this weekend, he brought his adorables along.  they got out of his truck and promptly found a baby snake.  omg, eew.  while i screeched and flailed, the kids were very amused by the slithering snake.  confused, they asked for an explanation of my odd behaviour.  i just thrust them a jar from the safety of the porch and told them to have fun.

this little fox does not respond similarly.  cupcake is sporting this rainbow sun hat so delightfully.  its just the cutest ensemble of daughter.

despite the sultry temperatures, auntie beans and bopa took the boys out on a paddle boat ride.  adorbs. 
lucky for the ever curious adorables, this visit to bopa and naomi's turned into a learning experience involving intense observation of crawdads and frogs. 

maxer has easily grown 3 feet this summer.  look at that handsome!

such a weston face, even his sweet smiles are a little naughty.

good times, birthdays.  aylaroo is next up in our fam and let me tell you, i am very, very excited about her turning "three in august" as she tells everyone who will listen.  she will be two.  that is plenty.

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