Tuesday, July 3, 2012

while we were away

lots happened on the farm while we were gone for our week of camping adventures

the wheat ripened, ready to harvest!

the garden grew

we picked beans the afternoon we got home and had them with dinner that night.  i also made zuchinni bread saturday morning.  we ate it with dinner saturday night, the boys devoured it!  an entire loaf in one day.  yum!

the kittens got bigger

but not smarter, because they did not run away. duh.

the outside of the barn is complete

 progress is being made on the inside, but in the meantime, the boys are using the scraps (hopefully they are scraps :)) to build ramps and other creations.

ayla jo's hair grew!  i know, you cannot really see it well in this pic, but trust me, it is longer!

as always, the adjustment to home life is sweet.  our house seems huge, our days full and our laundry endless.  it is good to be home!

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  1. wow sis the barn looks great! and you are right i had to change my desktop to the last pic you have of ayla in your blog, presh. cant wait to see you tomorrow for your birthday! wahoo!