Saturday, July 7, 2012

happy third of july

tuesday morning dawned and i was still feeling that i was catching up from the camping excursion.  we loaded up the veen to run some errands and accomplished all of our goals.  this included three different stops, library, tip toes, and meijer.  being outnumbered three to one, children to mommy, i felt very good about successfully making these goals come true.  all it takes is for bear to have one of his infamous meltdowns during which he makes all his muscles go slack and ends up howling on the floor of whatever store we are in for me to seriously reconsider my abilities as a mama and give up the rest of my tasks.  however, on this day, we made it. 

my dad brought us lunch and regaled us with tales from his honeymoon, while the boys entertained him with camping conquests.  bear's fave part of camping, his big girlfriend.  max loved the pool.

after this productive and exciting morning, the afternoon brought sweet peace and calm.  ish. 

brad was running wheat in our fields out back.  and he had company.  the boys absolutely cannot get enough of combining with daddy.  so sweet.  im sure the presence of our boys really alters the experience for brad, but he always is willing to take them along.  maxer literally remains engaged with rapt attention as brad harvests row after row.  bear adds some silliness to the mix with his crazy antics.  ayla jo even had the opportunity to ride along on thursday night when i had to go into work and brad just had a few rows to go.  i literally dropped all three adorables off at the combine and headed downtown.  that was a first.

baby blue was inititally unsure, and by unsure i mean hysterical with fear.  i truly entertained the idea of just taking her to work with me for a bit.  i am very experienced at doing everything with a baby on my hip, why not retail?  but brad assured me she would be fine. and she was.  after just a few minutes, the boys were helping to ease her mind and entertaining her by pointing out deer beds and bunnies.  strangely, cupcake calls deer beds "o beds".  not sure, but still adorbs.

july 3 though, my darling daughter was with me enjoying the kiddie pool while her brothers rode in the combine.  my heart was full as i watched the combine filled with my fave guys in the field while my aylaroo and i splashed in the pool. 
she was entertained by pouring water on my piggies from her baby watering can.

the temps were in the upper 90's, so even a bathing suit was to much extra to wear, naked was a must.

bear did suffer a devestating injury whilst riding beside his bro.  in his own interpretation, bear said he was attemtpting to fall asleep when maxer creamed him right in the kisser.  somehow i dont think that is exactly what happened.  but nonetheless, he hurt his lip. 

it felt so great to have the easy events of july 3rd.  the fam together just enjoying life on the farm.

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