Wednesday, August 15, 2012


we gratefully absorbed another beautiful summer weekend, knowing few remain this year before school enters the equation.  mama worked at teermans, daddy worked with the chickens, and the adorables played hard enough for all of us. 

friday night i spent selling spatulas and postcards and candles at teermans while bradley bonded with the babes.  i can never get home soon enough on these nights, coming home to see those sometimes sleeping children is just the most delightful part of working.  this night i opened the door to maxer watching some storage wars on the couch.  i peeked in on daddy and daughter snuggling and fast asleep in ayla jo's room then tucked max in.  brad found his way upstairs and i asked where bear bear was.  well, he didnt really know. so then we quick pulled back the covers in our bed and found him safe and sound and sleeping hard in our bed.  apparently he put himself to bed. we joined him under the covers.

saturday necessitated a trip to aldi.  then some gardening.  then some boston market with the whole fam.  menards was the grand finale of our family date night.  the togetherness continued on sunday, a true sabbath, set apart from the rest of the week by the deliberate decision to do the day together and recognize the giver of our abundance.

which brings us to monday.  after the chillaxin of the weekend, monday's busyness hits me full force first thing in the morning as i frantically try to shower before the darlings wake up, then schlepping the nest upstairs (4 loads of sleeping bags and blankets), and quick feeding all the littles some breakfast while trying to get any sticky on my work clothes which are very very different than my home clothes and limited in number.

by the time i get to work i am exhausted.  by the time i get home and settled and cuddled brad stops home and leaves for golf league.  suddenly the night seems long.

this monday we seized the opportunity to head to the library, not a place brad enjoys. after checking out some new dvds and books, and paying for one that harv attacked, we headed to our other monday night treat: mcdonalds.  unfortunately, brad totally caught us.  i mean, he really knows what all goes down when he leaves, but it is like an unspoken reality that we indulge in the heavenly tastes of mcdonalds while he golfs.  this night he called me while i was in the drive through.  we both laughed and then i partook of a number one.

my almost two year old enjoying her mama's smoothie.  now the boys always ask for a smoothie, but want a mcflurry. 

we had not long to wait before brad joined the fun and we tucked one and all in for the night with a sigh of contentment and togetherness. we made it through another monday without a snare. bring on the rest of the week!

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