Thursday, December 1, 2011

five little monkeys

tuesday afternoon, i picked maxer up from school and he literally started singing "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed" in the parking lot, and did not stop singing/chanting until he fell asleep. i believe they may have learned that in school today...

he was beyond precious, the way his little voice inflected, the way he used his pinkie and pointer finger to make the phone on which mama called the dr, the way he always referred to the monkeys as little monkeys throughout the song.

since it was happening all evening, i began thinking; that poor mama. sounds like she had 5 little weston's. always bonking their heads. always calling the dr. she must be one tired mama, because i only have 1 bear and 2 other monkeys and that is enough. enough. enough.

my weston monkey is battling a bad cold right now. croopy in sound, gravelly voiced, and bambi watching in attitude. our home is just not the same without a little bear ramming around. feel better soon bear bear.

ayla jo has mastered the steps, up and down, like a little monkey. so cute to watch that little person get just where she wants to go. last night, she slept straight through the night. i think this may be the second time. ever. it was amazing. she has also recently caught on to our attempts at distracting her with another toy in effort to take captive the one in her clutches. she just handed me a plastic horse and expected me to give her my phone. apparently she had some things to discuss with bopa.

love my 3 little monkeys.

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