Monday, December 12, 2011

let it snow

right now, as i type, i do not see any snow. the only white is the cloudy sky. otherwise, the grass is greenish still, the driveways soaked with puddles, and the trees bare and brown. however, this was not the scene on friday. on friday, we woke up to snow!

a beautiful sight awaited us, all bright and white. i am so grateful i was up before the boys this day, for i got to witness their adorable reactions. bear caught a glimpse outside the upstairs window on his way down the steps and said, "max, the snow came back!" both boys kept exclaiming that they must have been asleep for a very long time. and then came the request to venture outdoors and play.

after 35 minutes of layering, searching for lost mittens, zipping, shoving mittened hands through arm holes and overall bundling, the boys were ready for the first snowy adventure of the year.

thankfully, there was a little snow left on sunday, when daddy was home to play. my three boys took to the hill in our backyard. leave it to bradley to come up with a sledding game in which he shot the boys down the hill and aimed for objects at the bottom such as the tractor frozen to the ground or one another trying to make it up the hill.

those couple wild outings practically wore away all the snow, so scant the accumulation and so hearty the play.

the amount of fun they packed into their sledding extravaganza's was immense. enough to last through these incredibly mild temps.

snow is cold, requires much more preparations, creates hazardous road conditions and severely limits activities. however, it sure provides some good times in the backyard.

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