Thursday, December 8, 2011

love these nights

with the opportunity to work at teermans and the stow co, many of our nights are spent apart for a bit. we always end up together, and that is my fave. however, the busyness makes nights home even more beautiful.

last evening brad had pig school. the boys were incredibly disappointed that they could not accompany him to get pqa certified as i imagine they were picturing pigs at school. sadly, that was not the case. i was feeling a bit burnt out after a really intense crafting session yesterday resulting in some christmas presents and baths for all three. so the thought of being alone for the night with the little was daunting.

the crafting is happening in the pic above. can you find where our ginger haired princess stashed her lollipop? yeppers, its stuck to her cute tights. that makes me laugh out loud.

thankfully my husband the hero rolled into the driveway at 6 instead of his 10:30 prediction. we were all thrilled. brad probably the least of all as i was not really planning on him for dinner and therefore made us all some gourmet grilled cheese. by gourmet i mean regular grilled cheese. and chips. wow. lucky, lucky man.

so the night was spent enjoying one another's company. one of our fave fam activities occurs on the stairs. bradley and bear are on one end, and maxer is on the other. they whip a ball up and down. i am petrified of this game as i cannot catch to save my life. and it really seems like they are trying to hit one another more than toss it gently. either way, i am out.

these two crazies were looking especially handsome all night long sporting some john deere hats courtesy of great grandpa and grandma. they are both beyond proud because they think they can read the john deere on them. max does point out all the letters correctly and is now somewhat convinced that john deere and john zoet (brad's boss) are one in the same...

please note maxers shiny face. he had chapped lips. apparently brad had/has this problem as well. so maxwell likes to put his own vaseline on. this results in lots of vaseline all over his nose, cheeks, foreheads and a little even on his lips.

this little lovely has a fever. i know. the only benefit of illness is that it forces us to slow down and just be. here is ayla jo being a princess. playing dress up with her pretty.

ayla jo is saying cheese. look at those lips!! i just want to plant kisses right smack on them!

thank you lord for these fabulous family nights together where not a lot happens other than togetherness. what a blessing to live in this love!

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