Friday, December 2, 2011

take two

confession: i am a little bit obsessed with the twilight saga. i know, i know. ridiculous. but here is the thing, it is a love story consisting of amazing passion, beautiful commitment, and entertaining storyline. there, i said it. judge away. and just to be clear; i know it is just a story and i still love jesus.

so last night, i sneaked away for a 9:20 showing of breaking down at the holland 7. i met my dear friend steph there after putting children, and even the husband, to bed. i called my sissa's on my way there for moral support as i was feeling like an elderly lady attempting to recapture her youth by watching a movie intended for teens. megan assured me there were some older people like me when she went. i am one of the older people, alas. thankfully, the ticket boy disagreed. he charged me as a student, which was conveniently almost $2 cheaper. score. i mean, he probs just hit the wrong button, but for real. thanks holland 7 boy.

during my conversation with meg, we recounted the last time i went to see a twilight movie. brad called during the show to let me know max had the pukes. i was feeling confident that this time would be different as we just had the pukes. 2 wks ago.

guess what i came home to at 12:30 am. the pukes. from max. and tears from wes, and panic from brad. (the panic was due to the fact that i had given maxer winter oreos, with red frosting for his snack before bed. so you can use your imagination as to why the pukes would be alarming in color.) boo.

so here we are again. after frantically calling dr lund with vain attempts at remaining unemotional, i pleaded for any information into what i was doing wrong. why are my kids getting the flu repeatedly. i am going to have to homeschool, there is no way max can keep up with classwork when he is home with the pukes every other week. we are all going to be sickly thin and surviving on saltines and 7up until the kids are out of the house and coping with their own pukey offspring. i asked brad to please consider farming in hawaii. they cannot possibley have the stomach flu down there as much. i asked brad to also please consider pine rest as i am getting a little beside myself.

now before grandma hops on the first flight back to michigan, let me assure you we are fine. just doing a lot of this:

hunting games on the computer.

wearing jammies


and healing. my sis in law amber suggested praying boldly and loudly over my kids this verse in isaiah"by his stripes we are healed". that is my theme verse right now. winning victory over sickness in the name of jesus!

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