Monday, November 28, 2011


maxwell alan meiste was born 5 years ago, nov 20. ever since that day, he has been an incredible blessing. i recall thinking how fitting it was to be gifted with my son just before thanksgiving. yes, i had more room to devour all those amazing foods, but mostly i recognized how drastically each and every thanksgiving had suddenly changed now that i had maxer in my world.

this year was no different. as i sat around the wenke's dining room table, gazing at all the family members there i so adore, i was overwhelmed by how abundantly god has blessed me.

we celebrated max at our thanksgiving feast. this was the third celebration for this special boy as he had one on his actual bday involving grandma lampen and spaghetti, and one with bopa and naomi involving shopping and jets pizza. this weekend, we had my sibs over for a maxwell fest. things got a little out of hand during the puzzlemaking.

i have no doubt max felt valued and very special this year.

as did bear.

maxwell, i love you so completely. you make my every day beautiful. you are such a fabulous student, your confidence and knowledge is growing exponentially. your anticipation of family outings, holidays, and getting together with friends is contagious. you are creative in how you play with toys and spend your time. currently, you and your bro adore taking off the ornaments and putting them back on the tree. this little adventure has resulted in several more broken ornaments and many minutes of happiness.

your daddy is your hero, a very appropriate choice for you to model yourself after.

your habit of biting your cheek continues to be a prominent coping mechanism when you are excited, nervous, or otherwise. somehow, you make it adorable.

maxer, you are a peacemaker. you have only recently begun talking back, but quickly apologize and cry as your heart breaks even when you break ours.

this thanksgiving, you were most thankful for briella, your cousin. cute. (bear was most thankful for emma klien. seriously, adorable.)

whenever you received a gift, you were most gracious and grateful for whatever it was. daddy and i got you a remote control gator and you were beyond excited.

max, we eagerly await how god will show his glory through your life. we are teaching you all about jesus, and you are learning his ways of love and grace and righteousness. we pray that we will provide examples emulating lives full of gods hope.

my prayer for you my firstborn son, my eldest child, is that you continue to grow into the child of god he has masterfully created you to be. may you find home a safe place to nurture your considerate spirit, grow in knowledge and relationship with christ, and explore the facets of your amazing character. may the lord make his face shine upon you this year and every year, and may you constantly seek his face and his blessings in your life.

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