Tuesday, July 30, 2013

team effort

This morning there was another  awful accident on our corner. One man lost his life, and several other's lives will never be the same again. As I got the adorables ready for maxers golf league, my gaze was pulled to the scene of ambulances, fire trucks,  policemen,  and eventually the aeromed helicopter visible from my window.  Because the road was impassable,  many vehicles used our driveway to turn away, another reminder of the tragedy just down the road.

Undoubtedly the best part of the morning was connecting with brad, hearing his voice and knowing he had been spared from any involvement in the accident.  Thankfully brad works just down the road from our home, but as this  morning illustrated so devastatingly, bad crashes happen even in close proximity.  tomorrow is promised to no  man, and our presence here on planet earth today is merely an act of God's abundant grace. watching that reminder today humbled me, making me recognize once again how blessed I am to get brad as my partner.

As Brenda drove away with her three kids and our last puppy, bear became super frustrated.  He was sad to give his puppy away and our explanations that we exchanged the dog for money made little sense to a boy who so enjoyed racing and petting and playing with a puppy and has no concept of the future fun to be had with spending money.  Especially as we are only giving the adorables a dollar a puppy now, and depositing the rest for them to have later, when they are able to make better choices in spending their cash rather than purchasing monster trucks and golden quarters made of  chocolate.

Bear and I had experienced some previous altercations today, so my patience was spent and I was at a loss as to how to help wes comprehend what this transaction meant. So I administered a quick lecture on having a happy heart and headed inside. I met Bradley in the garage and gave him a quick synopsis on the situation known as weston.  I paused at the door as I heard brad telling wes that he was proud of him. brad spoke of bear's responsibility well achieved. brad held bear and told him that he loves him. Brad comforted bear and told him he was a good boy.

What powerful and meaningful words from a father to a son. So grateful to parent with such a partner.

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