Tuesday, July 30, 2013

summer slumbers

 as the summer days slowly draw to a close, adorables collapse from exhaustion, yet fight bedtime vehemently. This  is one battle i always win due to the amazing motivation of my own exhaustion.  Once snuggled, the adorables are amazing summertime sleepers. There have been mornings I dont see one  of them until almost 10! The combo of fresh air and sunshine and fresh air does  wonders.

Especially thankful for being able to stay home with the babes during these beautiful summer days. my faves are the days when we all get to wear at leat pa rt of our jammies well into the afternoon,  and sometimes a full 24 for the adorables.  Sweet. maxer was just picking some beans from ghe garden wearing his robe. Very classy.

Here is bear's ensemble of the day: comprised of mostly stuffed animals rammed inside his shirt , the pregnancy obsession may have just reached a new level.
Another aspect of being pregnant with baby Ralph that has the rapt attention of the older sibs is the scale.  Since my  weight decreased drastically before climbing, we have joined efforts to ensure baby Ralph is gaining as he should. my careful monitoring has resulte in the boys' hard at work making the scale read the highest number possible. 


tonight i am sure to sleep well as right now we are awaiting the arrival of the adoptive fam for the very last pup. the puppy business is unlike any other industry i have been apart of. I have received hate emails for running an unlicesnsed puppy mill (false allegations just to be clear),  and had phone conversations with people pleasding for me to come and  inspect their homes to be sure they are a good candidate. overall, it seems each pup received a very loving home. thats not mine.

yesterday, a family bought our fave pup, little harv, a mini version of big harv. max, who hasbeen so responsible and careful about caring for the dogs, returned from walking the mama dog to find little harv already on his way home to his new family. fearing that mawell could beupset, brad offered to stop the fam so max could say goodbye. max assured brad there was no need, then asked abruptly, "wheres the money?" Good to know he recognizes the value of a dollar, or dog...

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