Tuesday, August 13, 2013


ridge point started a new series tonight about becoming fearless followers of christ. pastor kevin retold the amazing story of david and goliath. never does the challenge, the bravery, and the beautiful victory get old. especially when we recognize that david wasnt necessarily confidnet in himself, but in his god. in our god. david knew with certainty that no matter what happened in this fight with a giant, it was going to be so cool because god was in charge and david had full confidence that all the circumstances would be utilized for gods  glory.    

    we all have the opportunity to live heroically when we follow jesus with the same trust and  expectation that david demonstrated. and we dont necessarily have to use a slngshot in a duel against a giant either. there are lots of circumstances that allow for us to be brave.

  when i think about people i know who are courageous, i think of the leegwaters. they live every day with a super scary diagnosis of cystic fybrosis for their adorable son elliot. every day they fight to keep him healthy. they do this with faith and hope and strength that comes from the lord alone. resting securely in the arms of jesus, jeff and marcie do whatever they need to in order to ensure their boy is thriving.      

  they are not the only ones braving parenthood well. all mamas and daddys must heroically face a fallen world.  because nothing is scarier than watching your very heart walk around outside of your body where it can be injured and treated unfairly by other people and overall be thought of as anything less than the darling and precious treasure that they are.   There is no guarantee that even if u do everything right your adorables will experience little to no pain. we live in a terrifying fallen world with accidents and illnesses and sin that is inescapable.

with this baby, i have been scared. i feel inadequate and lose sleep because i do not yet have socks purchased for this baby though i can rationalize to myself how many months i yet have to prepare and how generous friends and family are to ensure baby will never have bare feet in january unless we are intentionally getting a glimpse at those exquisite toes. however, in the still of the night, i am scared. and this evenings sermon made me again recognize why: i am depending on my own capabilities rather than confidently clinging to the most capable and powerful one there is.

Knowing that the lives of all my adorables are carefully intertwined within the presence of jesus gives me the peace to love on my babes without reserve. and that is a life of abundant blessing,  one I am so thankful to live.

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