Tuesday, July 23, 2013



What a complete number.

The number of seasons in a year.
The number of quarters in a dollar.
The number of pups sam had. All of which r still available to purchase and would undoubtedly make a perfect fit for your fam (call me ;))

And the number of my children. Because I am a little pregnant.  Like 14 weeks.


We are to be a family of 6. That's so many kids!  Bradley and I feel unbelievably blessed that god will gift us with another adorable.  We really consider our babes to be beyond precious in every way and find the prospect of another sweet child to be super thrilling.  And scary.

This pregnancy has been unique. Physically, I have experienced the same symptoms as with my first three. In fact,  my weight reached an all time low with this babe. fatigue has settled in tightly and seems super reluctant to leave. Ever. but my emotions have been different.  Like the overwhelming feeling of my entire first trimester was trepidation.

Four healthy pregnancies in a row seemed super unlikely. And unfair.  Why should i get the blessing of conceiving and giving birth to 4 adorables when others so desperately desire to add to their fam and find it impossible? ! And my three babes already born are really amazing, but really demanding and overwhelming.  Remember ayla jo and the treadmill? , Well that was not my finest parenting,  what will my childre's future look like with a mama whose attention is divided yet again?!

When my mind spun and my heart raced and my stomach revolted and my body gave in to exhaustion and my spirit worried, my god waited quietly to carry my burdens with me and celebrate my joy.  And finally,  I surrendered.   I relinquished my worries of the future and finally began to acknowledge the miracle happening within me as a precious gift of which i am not worthy, but have been graced with anyway.

We told the adorables about the baby while camping.  Max giggled as if he thought we were crazy but hes ready for the adventure.  Bear was beyond excited.  He declared his choice of a baby brother named Ralph.  Despite our constant reminders that baby may be a sister and once baby is born, even if it is a brother,  baby will most definitely have a different name, bear only refers to baby as Ralph.  So, now, naturally,  we all call baby Ralph.  Bear will randomly ask how baby Ralph is doing, or offer to share with baby  Ralph,  or let baby Ralph win a game. So beautiful to see his enthusiasm. cupcake has decided she also has a baby in her belly. Cute.

Brad accompanied me to baby's first appointment. I was so nervous and distracted before our appointment, I lost my keys and had to drive the leegwaters van to holland. Once on the road, I discovered the keys were in fact in my purse. Woopsies! We heard baby's strong heartbeat and even got a glimpse of the newest meiste.

  Once again,  I was overwhelmed. With thanksgiving and anticipation and faith that jesus will continue to meet me where I am with his promise to be enough.


  1. Congrats again friend! I keep praying your body gets used to baby Ralph and you are able to gain weight and enjoy your baby bump :) You are going to do great with FOUR! Can't wait to snuggle with the newest Meiste! Love you guys!

  2. Yah for another little Meiste in the world! Thinking of you and your busy family during the next several months. You'll do awesome!!! :)