Sunday, July 14, 2013

in my next 30 years

Last weekend,  a very strange thing happened... I turned 30.

I love birthdays, especially my own.  But this one was, different.  I felt reluctant to leave my 20's behind and some major hesitation in embracing this next phase of of middle age. After spending some time processing this monumental event, I realized that life just continues 30 or not.

And my life in particular seems very full. I worked the last couple of evenings at teermans and that adds some different dynamics to our days. I enjoy the work and adore that the adorables get some special daddy time. Having any sort of structure in our days is a change from the lackadaisical summer days. So bear has some concerns about not getting the opportunity to fill our days by plucking ideas from his ever working imagination.

Typically,  we discuss some of those imaginative ideas and shape a day of adventure and some productivity.  Some days are just not our own. Neighbours stop in and mama has to prepare for work, which is work in itself considering my usual attire and hairdos.   on Thursday,  bear had high hopes to go to the splash pax downtown holland. We just couldn't fit that grand idea in between our other happenings. Also, our last attempt at the splash pad resulted in 6 minutes of fun followed by lots more minutes of whining.

Brad had no intentions of splash padding with the  babes so he was dealing with some seriously slumped shoulders,  bear's physical manifestation of his severe disappointment.  suddenly, slumped shoulders were the least of my boys' problems.  For harv discovered and bravely confronted a woodchuck!

From the bathroom where I was frantically  applying makeup,  I hear the panicked screams of the boys as they call for harv.  Suspecting harv is merely following an innocent passersby down the road,  I continued my efforts. 2 minutes later,  the boys explode through the door with their harrowing tale. After distracting harv, the woodchuck came after Bradley.  So, being the protector of our children that he is, kicked that animal hard. That attack was quickly followed by several more aggressive swings of a shovel.

Brads daring moves were successful at bringing that  woodchuck down. Both dog and man were splattered with the blood of the defeated intruder.  The good news is that the family remains safe and secure,  and bear forgot about his desire to splash pad.

On that note, i rushed out the door and into teermans with an apology on my lips for being late that not one of my coworkers had heard before.

Yes, I am older.  But who has time to consider these implications when life is so intent on moving forward? As my birthday card from my bro reminded me,  birthdays
are like cookies,  after a handful,  no one is counting anyway.

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  1. Welcome to 30 friend. You couldn't be more beautiful or wonderful! I love you. Happy Birthday! to the next 30! :)